A closer look at how sound environments influence our individual and collective experiences



The CEO and Co-Founder of Endel, Oleg Stavitsky innovates at the intersection of technology, art, and nature. Through Endel, he has created a cross-platform audio ecosystem that leverages neuroscience to create personalized, sound-based adaptive environments that can improve health, well-being, and mood.

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Associate Professor of Music at the University of Oxford, where she directs the 5-year, European Research Council-funded project Sonorous Cities: Towards a Sonic Urbanisms. She is the founder and artistic director of the label Optophono, which publishes interactive music and sound art, and author of Stereophonica: Sound and Space in Science, Technology, and the Arts (MIT Press, 2020).

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Gascia Ouzounian

Author, Associate Professor of Music, Oxford / Director SONCITIES

Oleg Stavitsky

Endel- CEO & Founder


Satya Hinduja is a composer, sound artist, and producer working with a range of musical instruments, voice, field recordings, and alternate tunings for spatial sound environments.
She is also the founder of Alchemic Sonic Environment [ASE], a multisensory deep listening experience designed to invoke states of reflection, receptivity, and exchange.

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Satya Hinduja

Sound Artist + Founder of Alchemic Sonic Environment


Scanner (British artist Robin Rimbaud) has been intensely active in sonic art, producing concerts, installations and recordings for over a quarter of a century, connecting a bewilderingly diverse array of genres.  ++ A/V Performance

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Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner

Composer, Artist, Sound Designer


John is the co-founder of SUBPAC and StudioFeed. He is an advocate for the advancement of music and has built a community around the exploration of tactile sound in the studio and into other areas including health & wellness, automotive and gaming.

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John Alexiou

Co-founder SUBPAC + StudioFeed



In this episode, we will take a closer look at the role of sound environments in the creation and cultivation of our individual and collective experiences. From the educational and experiential lens of our panel of musicians, sound designers, forward thinking technologists and academia, we will open up the relative spaces in relationship to music and sound and in doing so, will continue our explorations into the powerful potential of music and sound in our lives.

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Sound Environment playlist: immersive soundscapes full of deep, low-frequency sounds 🌊

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